What Happened?

Hi friends, family, and future baby,

Intentions are wishes blown into the wind. Like the single feather in a cloud of dandelion, they may or may not take seed. I began this blog over a year ago with a vague intention. I quickly realized I didn’t know what flower I was hoping to grow. Is this a space to keep loved ones informed? Is it a letter to our future child? Is it my journal to help process all I learn and experience?

My dandelion spore circled the earth, not sure where to land until I knew what it was I wanted to plant. Then, in the midst of the most beautiful burgeoning early Spring, fear struck down. I’ll always be grateful that the sun shone with early warmth. Our magnolia showered pink and our forsythia sang in yellow as we hid from a virus that spread so fast and strong we couldn’t leave our homes. In this context, it felt selfish to put wishes for new life into the world. We were all focused on preserving the lives of those we loved most.

While our adoption journey has continued to slowly progress, with many doubts and false starts, communicating our journey fell dormant. Last Friday, March 12, was exactly a year since the Governor of Pennsylvania first began mandating social distancing measures in some counties. It was also the day I was fortunate enough to receive my vaccine. This Spring is colder, cloudier. It’s also filled with hope for a better future. I’m still not sure what kind of plant this blog will become, or if the seed will even germinate. But it felt like the right time to begin again.

With love,


Image is of me in bed with Bower and Jeb. It was taken the day after my shot and I was recovering with a headache and some fatigue. I have my computer in my lap and I’m half-heartedly waving. Bowser has his tongue sticking out.

3 thoughts on “What Happened?

  1. Thank you for continuing to share your story. I cannot wait to see it through. There a very lucky child out there. Love you.


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