Why do you have a blog?

Hi. It’s Katrina. It’s probably safe to assume that any future posts will be me talking. We’ll let you know if it’s John.

We have a huge circle of people who care about us, or are at least mildly interested. We’re lucky that way. Our circle is moderate in number, but turns huge when you think about geographic size.

I hate talking on the phone, but there are so many of you I’d love to catch up with by sitting in a cozy coffee shop, going on a hike, or strolling around a museum (depending on if we know each other from city, town, or NH).

My heart bursts with love whenever I see or hear updates of your life changes, even if we don’t talk directly. There’s also a bittersweet feeling that we’re not there physically to be by your side through the inevitable highs and lows. This blog is for you.

There are also those who I may be lucky enough to see everyday, or week. People who are integral in my life, but for the time being I need to keep at a professional distance. I see a future of friendship and want to keep you included in this big life step. This blog is for you.

There are those who I could be more open with if I was a bit less reserved and didn’t feel egocentric talking about something so wholly related to just me and John. I know you won’t mind, but the New England reserve comes out and the transitions feel awkward. (I see you Sara Luttrell, I’m still an expert at not talking about myself.) This is for you, too.

Maybe one day, our child will have questions about how they came to us. Were they valued, hoped for, and wanted as much as their peers? Hi, baby. You are already loved. This is for you, too.

I have grand goals of updating a lot and keeping you informed of all the ups and downs and crazy things that happen in this corner of family building. It took me two months just to get this started, so I probably won’t meet them, but my heart is there.

Bringing a baby into the world is a gift for all humanity. The potential joy, triumph and love that little being can give us is often celebrated by feeling a mother’s tummy, laughing about a baby’s kick, or, as I once did a lifetime ago, offering a gentle headbutt at a bachelorette party. We won’t be offering you that experience, but here’s a hope that this effort offers a slight thrill of anticipation instead.



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