How to Help

Dear Friends and Family,

We are so appreciative of the many offers we’ve had for support. John and I are fortunate people who have the opportunity to love and laugh every day, travel, eat well, explore, and enjoy a widespread community of kind-hearted people.

We will need: 

  • Babysitters
  • Hand me downs
  • Meals when the new baby arrives
  • “Cloth diaper or Not?” Debaters
  • Moral support
  • All the things other new parents lean on their community for!

Part of this blog is to help share some of what we’re learning about adoption with our community. Our future child will grow and learn alongside each of you. Taking the time to read some of our posts will help us all be aware of how we speak about adoption and support our child and new community.

Thank you for coming on this journey!

Katrina and John

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