John and Katrina have known each other for fourteen fifteen years. It took some time, but eventually they began dating. They moved in together and lived in Philadelphia. Over the years, they moved to New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York and then back to Pennsylvania where they have settled and bought a home.

They have the most amazing pets: Jeb, Bluto, Bowser, and, the former class pets: Yertle, Axle, and Mr. Swimmens. They also have a wonderful family, charming nieces and nephews, and a loving collection of 26 children who have been with Katrina for over three four years. Yet, they realized they have more love to give. Adoption has been a conversation since their early days of dating. They decided to officially pursue adoption in the summer of 2019. This website is meant to document their journey.


John and Katrina meet on a train. John is Katrina’s blind date to a wedding.


John and Katrina are married in a small ceremony in the Poconos.


John and Katrina welcome a child into their loving family.

Summer 2020-2022?

Follow the journey here.

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